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Are Aluminum Fences Strong Enough for Your Tyler Property?

When you picture a metal security fence, you might envision an imposing wrought-iron fence surrounding a property. But aluminum fences have grown in popularity due to their affordable pricing and easy upkeep. Are aluminum fences strong enough for your Tyler property? Blue Line Fence, Tyler’s reliable aluminum fence contractor, delivers informative answers. 

Aluminum vs Iron

Iron reigned as a popular security fence for years. It possesses admirable durability and comes in stately designs. However, it also comes with a few common problems:

  • You must paint it to achieve a specific color. The paint will eventually chip and flake. 
  • You can’t forgo a coat of paint if you want to protect the iron beneath. 
  • Unprotected iron quickly develops rust which deteriorates the metal’s strength.

Once aluminum fencing materials hit the market, they provided an alternative to high-maintenance iron fences. But some property owners in Tyler, TX hesitate to install a metal that conjures up visions of soda cans and dented trash bins. 

The Pros of Aluminum Fences

Despite aluminum’s reputation as a recyclable but weak material, it holds up against iron fences. It can withstand the elements with less maintenance due to its cost-effective features:

  • An easy installation process that doesn’t require as much preparation
  • More affordable pricing
  • Resistance to rust, water, heat, and other outdoor elements
  • Little maintenance needed to keep a quality aluminum fence looking great

Plus, you can purchase a fence made from recycled materials which helps the environment by reducing waste products. But are aluminum fences strong enough to serve as security features? 

Are Aluminum Fences Strong Enough?

Yes, aluminum fences are strong enough to protect your property in Tyler, TX. You can choose from myriad grades of material to suit your security needs. Some materials are more lightweight than others like standard residential aluminum fencing. 

The grades of metal get stronger from there:

  • Pool grade is developed to standards that satisfy the Building Officials and Code Administrators’ strict codes for fences surrounding swimming pools. 
  • Commercial-grade fences are made from thicker materials that protect the fencing from vehicular traffic. 
  • Industrial grade is even sturdier. Factory managers might choose this fence to surround authorized areas. 

Where Can You Install Aluminum Fences on Your Tyler Property?

Aluminum fences are an excellent choice for properties that require a versatile, durable layer of protection. You can choose a material grade to match the security needs of your property. Fencing technicians will flawlessly install it.

Fencing contractors typically recommend that you install aluminum fences around areas that need some extra protection. For example, most regional building codes require a fence around a swimming pool. Similarly, establishments that use dangerous equipment or products could benefit from a commercial or industrial-grade fence.

Tyler’s residential properties can also greatly benefit from a protective aluminum fence. It puts more space between you and the outside world, keeping your property and belongings off-limits to strangers.  

Find the Perfect Fence in Tyler with Blue Line Fence

Are aluminum fences strong enough for your Tyler property? Blue Line Fence’s contractors can answer all your questions from how they install to how to clean an aluminum fence. Reach out to learn more

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