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Building a Wood Fence With Metal Posts: How Fence Pros Do It

Constructing a gorgeous wood fence with metal posts is an excellent way to elevate your outdoor property’s appeal while heightening your Tyler home’s security measures. That said, building a fence is often easier said than done, especially if you haven’t built a fence before. Fortunately, Blue Line Fence is here to teach you how to build a wood fence with metal posts properly.

Blue Line Fence is your wood fence contractor in Tyler, TX. Its team can build a best-in-class fence on your land without delay, regardless of complexity. If you need an experienced fencing company in Tyler, TX, that never settles for anything less than excellence, contact the experts at Blue Line Fence.

How to Properly Build a Wood Fence with Metal Posts

Many property owners struggle to construct solid fences without experiencing issues. However, if you follow the steps below, you can build a top-notch wood fence with metal posts without a problem.

Set the Post

Start the building process by setting the metal posts. It’s best to use galvanized posts to ensure the fence withstands the test of time and won’t experience too much wear and tear. Space each post no more than 8 feet apart, and push them into the soil.

You want a third of the post’s total length underground to prevent structural issues later on.

Wrap the Posts

After setting the posts, use brackets to wrap wood around them until you can’t see the metal. Fasten the brackets and connect vertical two-by-fours to the brackets’ wings. This should box in the posts’ sides, making the final product more alluring. 

Also, use a top rail or post caps to mask the post boxes before moving forward.

Set Up Fencing

Next, screw the fence rail or post caps in place before fastening the wood to the rails. You also want to attach two-by-fours to the rail with their faces going against the brackets. Ensure everything is safe and secure while remembering to leave room for the gate.

Build the Gate

Finally, build a gate frame using light steel piping. This reduces the weight of the gate, making it easier to open and close. Use corner brackets to build the frame and hang it to the post hinges.

Use a drill to create holes in the frame’s bottom and top rail before using carriage bolts to connect the wooden rails. Attach fence planks to the wooden rail before finishing the process.

Building a wooden fence with metal posts takes tons of time and dedication. That’s why it’s best to leave it to experienced fence companies like Blue Line Fence to guarantee excellent results.

Call Blue Line Fence for Top-Notch Fencing Services in Tyler, TX

If you want to build a wood fence with metal posts on your Tyler, TX, property, contact Blue Line Fence. The technicians can work with any type of wood and equip your property with a first-class fence in a few hours or less.

From professional fence installation to decorating a chain-link fence, Blue Line Fence is here to help. Give the team a call today!

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