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Do Fencing Contractors Need To Be Licensed in Tyler, TX?

Fences add much value to your household, contributing to privacy and curb appeal. Still, a fence installation can cost well into the hundreds or thousands, depending on the fencing materials for the property. 

To lower expenses, you may consider a fence contractor with low prices. However, they may be missing a few pertinent skills, especially if you don’t know what to look for. And what about licenses?

Do fencing contractors need to be licensed to install a fence on Tyler properties legally? Blue Line Fence, a prominent fence company in Tyler, TX, has the details to help you determine whether the contractor you’re considering has the right qualifications.

How Fencers Work in Texas

State legislation and industry standards determine who can and how-to behind the legal installation of household items, equipment, and features. For example, Texas HVAC mechanics must be licensed to handle, insert, and remove refrigerant. Similarly, contractors cannot work on sewage lines connected to the main neighborhood line without, at the very least, municipal approval.

However, Texas has more relaxed rules regarding general construction than some other states. You can hire a few people from Craigslist or elsewhere to work on installing walls and floors, generally without legal repercussions. If you do so, prepare to face the potential consequences without as much legal protection as well.

Why You Should Look For a Good Fence Contractor

Just about anyone can put up most fences. Even so, for a fence that lasts for a long time and doesn’t degrade quickly, you should seek expert assistance:

Legal Coverage

A point behind asking, “Do fencing contractors need to be licensed for a legal installation?” regards legal coverage. Companies without licensing or insurance could try to brush off responsibility if they damage your property. They could also try to hold you accountable for injuries occurring while working, forcing you to cover medical expenses.

Material Experience

Some inexperienced contractors may only know how to work with certain construction materials. If you want a vinyl fence, don’t expect a group only knowledgeable about wood fences to be able to help. They may still try, but their endeavors could waste time, money, and resources.

Municipal Requirements

Some municipalities require licensing or specific paperwork to do certain jobs, even for general contracting. Failing to meet municipal requirements could land you and those working on your property in potential legal trouble.

Service That Lasts

A well-maintained, high-quality wooden fence should last about 20 years. However, the installation and wood preparation must be impeccable to improve its chances of being a long-term property feature. If you rush to hire the cheapest contractor available, you could deal with unnecessary and expensive fence problems in the future.

What To Look For in High-Quality Fencers

So, do fencing contractors need to be licensed in Tyler, TX, to install a fence? No, but you still need to check the qualities of the contractors you want to consider for the job. Ask them several questions or search their website for answers to determine whether they’re right for you:

  • Where can I find customer ratings?
  • What types of fences have you installed?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Do you prepare fence materials on-site or off-site? 
  • Do you have photo examples of previous fences you’ve installed?
  • Do you have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Do you know what municipal rules you need to follow to install a fence in Tyler, and what’s an example of one?

Most of all, remember to ask them for a detailed quote on their fencing services. You can determine whether what they provide fits your budget. More importantly, compare the different fence quotes you receive from various companies.

For example, a company with over five years of fencing experience may charge more than a company with only one. However, the five-year company may have more substantial insurance and experience compared to the other.

Contact Blue Line for the Best Fences in Tyler

Blue Line Fence has provided Tyler citizens with top-quality fencing for over four years, maintaining high ratings and rave customer reviews. They've mastered several aspects of the fence installation process, including things to consider in getting a new fence, gate installation, and handling the paperwork.

Do fencing contractors need to be licensed? No, but Blue Line Fence covers each of its contractors with protective insurance. They guarantee satisfaction with all services. If you want a new fence in or around Tyler, TX, use their contact page to schedule your free consultation today.

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