Keep Your Fence in Perfect Shape

Rely on us for fence repair services in Tyler, TX

Sometimes, the best option is to restore your old wood fence. Blue Line Fence LLC in Tyler, TX can do this quickly and efficiently by treating your fence to kill all mold and algae while cleaning the wood. We then apply a protective coating of stain that penetrates deep inside the wood. This gives it a longer life and can make your fence look new. Our stain comes with a warranty and is much more cost-effective than replacing your old fence.

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Tackling all kinds of fence repairs

If you have a broken fence, it's not doing its job of protecting your property. You'll want to call for fence repair services if you notice:

  • Missing boards
  • Loose boards or posts
  • Rot or mildew on your fence

With our fence repair experts on the job, your fence will be back in shape quickly. Reach out to us today for wooden fence repair services.