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How Far Off the Ground Should a Vinyl Fence Be On Your Tyler, TX, Property

Picking out the perfect vinyl fence style for your home is the easy part. The trickier part of securing your property line with a new fence is the installation, especially deciding just how far off the ground should a vinyl fence be.

As the go-to specialist of vinyl fencing in Tyler, TX, Blue Line Fence LLC offers insights and answers frequently asked questions about vinyl fence installation.

Why Shouldn’t You Let Your Vinyl Fence Touch the Ground in Tyler, TX?

Fences exist to delineate your property line, keep the pets in, and the critters out. Having one fully affixed against the ground might seem like a no-brainer, right? Not quite. 

A fence that touches the ground is susceptible to the elements, particularly moisture. The muggy summers and occasional tropical storms in Tyler, TX, can wreak havoc on a ground-level installation, leading to issues such as:

  • Mold growth
  • Discoloration
  • Warping
  • Cracking

Avoid Premature Wear By Leaving a Gap at the Bottom of Your Tyler Fencing

So, how far off the ground should a vinyl fence be to maximize longevity? You must leave a clearance of about two inches between the bottom of the fence and the ground as a general rule. This will leave your structure with ample airflow, reducing the risk of moisture retention and damage.

When you dig a hole for the gate posts and corner posts of your fence, always account for this gap plus the desired height of your fencing.

Fixing Uneven Gaps on Your Fence

If the ground around your property isn’t perfectly flat, you may notice a varying gap between the fence and the ground across your yard. 

It’s a common issue, but nothing professional fence installers can’t solve with a bit of finesse and know-how. Some solutions include:

  • Stepped fence technique: When experts install a vinyl fence on a slope, they can set sections at different heights, mirroring the natural contour of your yard. The result is a pleasing, cascading effect that also ensures optimal functionality.
  • Rock filling: If you’re grappling with uneven gaps, utilize landscape rocks or small stones as a buffer between the ground and your fence.
  • Barrier method: Fence contractors can also install a low-level barrier, such as a row of bricks or landscape timber. Position your fence in a way that all its tops align if you want to use this strategy. 

Leave this Complex Task to Trusted Fencing Experts in Tyler, Texas

Blue Line Fence LLC is your one-stop solution for all your residential fence installation needs in Tyler, TX. They know how far off the ground should a vinyl fence be, what materials suit your specific requirements, and how to navigate the unique terrain of your property for optimal installation. Call today to schedule your fence installation.

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