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How Long Does It Take To Install a Fence in Tyler, TX?

A new fence can benefit your property in many ways, but you know how construction projects go. They can disrupt your daily life, especially if the project is in your general pathway. How long does it take to install a fence, what are some possible reasons you might encounter delays, and how soon can your home return to normal?

As a high-quality fencing company in Tyler, Blue Line Fence believes your time and energy are important and doesn’t want you to feel like you’ve wasted any. While the amount of time differs per project, there are a few ways to estimate how long you can expect contractors to take to build your fence.

One Answer Does Not Fit All

Some companies or websites may claim that installing a fence takes two to four days, but they are missing pertinent details. Fence sizes and the time it takes to build them depend on various factors no single answer can cover. However, it may help to know what can affect your fence installation timetable:

Yard Size

Although perhaps obvious, the size of your yard can greatly impact how long it takes for fencing contractors to work. How long does it take to install a fence when working on a yard for a suburban area versus on farmland? Larger yards will generally take longer than smaller ones because of the number of fence posts they need to support the construction.


Inclement weather can throw a wrench into any construction plans. Even if the service quote states they will take around four days, a rainy stint can extend that to a week or more. For that reason, many fence construction companies try to schedule fence installations in dry seasons.

Geographical Conditions

Tyler land mainly has forests, pastures, and hills. However, clay makes up a good portion of the soil, which requires additional work to make it sturdy enough to support infrastructure. If your yard has high clay content, your contractors may need to work harder, thus longer, to build your fence.

Property Location

Additionally, companies need to consider travel time when setting up a timetable for your fence installation. Depending on weather and road conditions, transporting materials can sometimes take over an hour. When asking, “How long does it take to install a fence?” don’t forget to consider the time they may spend on the road.

Design Complexity

Simpler fence designs generally take less time to implement than more complex ones. If you’re willing to take the time to wait, they can produce fantastic yard effects that provide privacy, additional curb appeal, and property enjoyment. Otherwise, you can simplify your fence design to speed up installation.

Gate Number

Did you know the number of gates on your fence can affect how long it takes to build? Gates typically take longer to install than the fence because the whole fence works on a single process that a gate interrupts.

Product Stock

Some materials may be in low stock, depending on the type of fence you want. A responsible fence contractor will do their best to ensure they have all the necessary supplies. However, this may mean rescheduling your fence construction until they have the necessary amount, especially if they gather all the materials beforehand.

Add-On Services

If you need a retaining wall to support your fence construction, the contractors must take more time to ensure everything works properly. A responsible company would not want to slack on any part of the project so you can have a long-lasting fence.

How To Get a Clearer Answer

If you want a better, more specific answer, contact several fence installation companies and request a quote. They can review your land, the fence plans, and the materials you want to give you a more concise answer. Whatever they say would be catered directly to your fence needs rather than a general answer.

Contact Blue Line Fence for a Free Quote

Blue Line Fence provides top-quality fencing services in and around Tyler, TX. Their fencing contractors know the struggles around installing fences in clay ground and have methods to speed up the process. However, don’t worry — they’ll never sacrifice quality for a faster time estimate.

So, how long does it take to install a fence in Tyler, TX? Do you know the best methods for choosing the right fence contractor? Visit their contact page for exceptional customer service and answers to these and other important questions today!

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