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How Much Does a Wrought Iron Fence Cost? Pricing Guide

Wrought iron fences are popular choices for property boundaries and make stunning statements in any yard. These durable fences offer a classic look and come in many styles. This short guide will answer the popular question, "How much does a wrought iron fence cost?"

Blue Line Fence provides top-quality wrought iron fence installation in Tyler, TX, and explains what factors affect the cost of wrought iron fencing.

Average Cost for a Wrought Iron Fence

How much does a wrought iron fence cost? There is a wide range of wrought iron fence pricing because you must consider labor costs, the type of fence, how much fencing you need, and more. The average cost ranges from $1,300 to $4,900, but a new wrought iron fence can cost close to $10,000 in the highest price range.

You will likely pay between $25 and $35 per linear foot, but this is a rough estimate. You may choose a single-person gate or security gate to accompany your fence, but these can add to the cost.

Factors That Affect Wrought Iron Fence Cost

Several significant factors can contribute to the price of your wrought iron fence:

  • Size of your yard
  • Type of wrought iron
  • Labor costs in your area
  • Contractor and installation costs
  • How accessible your yard is
  • Design elements for the fence

Installation services can cost significantly more in some areas based on the ground's condition and local labor costs. Wrought iron is durable and offers a unique look, but steel or aluminum fences are often more affordable.

Types of Wrought Iron Fences

Manufacturers coat wrought iron fencing with a protective powder layer and rework and melt old material to produce genuine wrought iron. This intensive production process increases the cost of a wrought iron fence, but the type of wrought iron fence can also contribute to its cost. You will find three main types of wrought iron fences.

1. Plain Wrought Iron Fence

The most affordable and common type of wrought iron fence is plain and usually black. Other colors include silver, gold, bronze, white, green, and red, but these typically cost more than the standard black. Standard wrought iron fences usually cost between $24 and $30 per linear foot.

2. Galvanized Wrought Iron Fence

A galvanized fence has extra protection to fight rust and corrosion. Durable galvanized fencing ranges from $28 to $32 per linear foot.

3. Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence

Ornamental wrought iron fences are more customizable and have a higher price tag due to design features like spikes and curled or woven metal accents. This fence type costs from $27 to $35 per linear foot.

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Wrought iron fences add elegance and security to any property. Blue Line Fence can help you find the perfect fence for your budget, style, and needs and install it at a reasonable cost. We understand that wrought iron fences can be expensive and will present you with numerous types and options.

If you are still asking, "How much does a wrought iron fence cost?" or have more questions, contact Blue Line Fence in Tyler, TX, today!

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