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How to Choose a Fence Contractor in Tyler, TX

A brand-new fence can be an amazing investment. Fencing is a great way to raise property values, give yourself a little extra privacy, and keep kids and pets safe.

Of course, planning to install a fence is one thing; trying to actually do so is another. You'll need to know how to choose a fence contractor to make sure that you get results that you're happy with. Tyler's ornamental aluminum fence installation experts are here to provide you with the information you need to make a smart choice.

5 Tips to Choose a Trustworthy Fence Contractor in Tyler, TX

Here are five tips on how to choose a fence contractor. 

1. Ask for Recommendations

Unless you're new to the Tyler, TX, area, ask for fence contractor recommendations from friends and family members. Your loved ones will be able to give you the most straightforward opinion on someone's work. You can also look at their fence if you're worried about the quality of the workmanship. 

Alternatively, look around your neighborhood and Tyler, TX, for new fences. Fence contractors will likely leave a sign in the yard after they've completed the job, and happy customers will leave it up if they feel satisfied with the contractor's work. 

2. Do Your Research

Always Google your fence contractor before hiring them. Trustworthy contractors keep their websites updated and appear reputable, but you should also look at online reviews on pages such as Yelp and Google reviews to check out feedback for the company. Good reviews are a sign of a good contractor. 

3. Ask the Right Questions

Whether you decide to call your chosen fence contractor or visit the office to schedule an appointment, prepare questions beforehand. Ask for a written price estimate, recommendations on quality products, whether they can recycle materials you already have, and if they have a license and insurance. 

4. Check Their Warranty

You should check the type of warranty that your fence contractor in Tyler, TX, offers. Though the average term for a warranty is three years, some contractors may offer one for seven to nine years. Ask what the warranty includes, such as labor, materials, and a manufacturer's warranty.

5. Watch Out for Red Flags

The following interactions are red flags: 

  • The fence contractor pressures you into making a decision or makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • The contractor refuses to give you a written estimate. 
  • They only accept cash payments, not including cash discounts. 
  • The contractor does not give detailed answers to your questions or seems confused. 
  • They refuse to give you an estimated timeline on when they will finish. 

Premium Fence Contractor in Tyler, TX

If you still don't know where to begin after learning how to choose a fence contractor in Tyler, TX, contact Blue Line Fence. Blue Line Fence is family-owned and operated and guarantees honest pricing and stunning results. Contact this reputable contractor for a beautiful new fence today. 

Alternatively, check out reasons to hire an expert for aluminum fence installation here. 

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