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How To Install an Aluminum Fence on a Slope in Tyler, TX

An aluminum fence can improve a property’s curb appeal, security, and practicality. Learning how to install an aluminum fence on a slope is essential to its longevity. Tyler's aluminum fence installation contractors at Blue Line Fence offer tips on how to achieve the best results.

What Problems Can Occur From a Shoddy Sloped Fence Installation?

As a resident of Tyler, TX, you are no stranger to rolling hills and forested landscapes. Installing a durable aluminum fence can be challenging if your property sits on uneven ground. However, cutting corners on your installation can result in the following problems:

  • Reduced life expectancy for your fence
  • A higher risk of your fence sustaining high wind and impact damage
  • Lowered home resale value due to an unattractive property line

Sloped surfaces can place tension on multiple aluminum fence sections that cause corner posts to sink or lean — usually during storms. You need the right tools and planning to keep your fence upright year-round.

Planning the Installation

Start planning your installation by measuring the space between posts and fence connections. When dealing with slopes, you must apply some basic algebra to calculate an accurate measurement.

Purchase a wooden board the exact size of the aluminum fence you plan to install. For this example, assume you buy an eight-foot-long board. Place a level measuring tool on top of the board after laying it flat along the slope. 

Raise the board until you read an even level with the ground and measure the distance with a tape measure.

Suppose the distance is about two feet. With this information, you can conclude that your slope has a rise of two and a run of eight — the linear line for your horizontal fence post.

The Racking Solution

Knowing how to install an aluminum fence on a slope in Tyler, TX, isn’t too challenging once you do the math above. Begin the installation process by placing your aluminum posts vertically and fixing a sloped rail across the surface. Fencing professionals call this method “racking.”

Racking is useful if you have an even slope across your property line. However, racking rails can look somewhat awkward if your yard has several slopes and dips that cause your aluminum fence to zig-zag.


You can avoid awkward zig-zags by deploying a stepped fencing solution. As the name suggests, stepping a fence will allow it to rise with the slope like a set of stairs to the highest point of the incline, despite any dips along the way.

Stepping also removes any risk of gaps between paneling that could cause your pets or children to get out. 

Let Blue Line Fence Help Today

Avoid confusing calculations during your next installation by hiring contractors from Blue Line Fence. They will help you measure your property line and install best-in-class products from reliable fence manufacturers.

Hiring an expert for aluminum fence installation is the best way to ensure quality results. 

Learn more about how to install an aluminum fence on a slope. Contact Blue Line Fence in Tyler, TX, to schedule a consultation.

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