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How To Keep Horizontal Fence Boards From Warping in Tyler, TX?

Many Tyler homeowners install wood fences because of their natural beauty and the privacy they offer. One main issue that wooden fence owners often deal with is material splitting. Thankfully, you can prevent your fence boards from cracking so they remain intact and sturdy. 

Learn how to keep horizontal fence boards from warping in this helpful guide. The experts at Blue Line Fence LLC, a trusted fence company in Tyler, TX, explain why wooden fences become prone to splitting and what you can do to maintain their condition. 

Causes of Fence Board Warping and How To Prevent It

While wood makes a visually appealing fence material, it absorbs moisture, whereas metal and vinyl fences are moisture resistant. As a wooden fence soaks in water from a rain shower, exposure to lawn sprinkler systems, and other water sources, the wood will expand. The moisture eventually evaporates, which causes the wood to shrink back down and warp its shape. 

Ongoing warping of the wood can cause it to split. Not only does this impact the appearance of your fence, but it can make the surface rough and put you at risk for splinters. 

How exactly can Tyler homeowners prevent wood fences from warping? Experts recommend following the tips below.

Select the Appropriate Wood 

Ask an experienced fence installer how to keep horizontal fence boards from warping, and they'll likely tell you that the type of wood you choose makes a difference. Although wood generally absorbs moisture, a few species of trees produce wood that is resistant to moisture and its damaging effects. If you want to prevent warping, your best bet is to install a fence using the following types of wood:

  • Cedar: The wood from cedar trees is denser than other varieties, making it more resistant to cracking. 
  • Redwood: Redwood features a unique straight grain pattern that helps it repel moisture. 
  • Fir: The strength and stability of fir make it suitable for fencing.

If you opt for another type of wood, make sure it's high quality and features a straight-grain pattern. This feature helps ensure it resists water damage and warping. 

Apply a Sealant

Even if you use high-quality wood for your fence, you can't expect that it will repel all moisture. This is especially true if you live in a region with high humidity and frequent precipitation. Even stronger types of wood need a protective sealant to wick away moisture and safeguard the structure. 

If you want to know how to keep horizontal fence boards from warping, look for a high-quality sealant and re-apply it periodically. Fencing contractors suggest using a product that offers protection against moisture and UV rays for the best results. Having a barrier on your wooden fence not only prevents warping but also helps extend the life of your fence. 

Given the climate of Tyler, Texas, you can't go wrong using a sealer with water and UV protection. Your wooden fence will withstand any water it comes in contact with and avoid fading over time due to the sun's strong rays. Even if you install your fence in a shaded area, make sure you give it some UV protection. 

Hold off on sealing the wood if you plan to install a new fence. Wait about four to eight weeks after installation and then re-apply sealant every two to three years. 

Install the Boards Properly

Professional fence installers know how to keep horizontal fence boards from warping. While the wood type and sealant are key factors, the installation is equally important for preventing wood warping and splitting. 

Trust a fencing company with years of experience to install your new wood fence. Attaching the boards yourself could make the material prone to warping, depending on the equipment you use. 

Using pointed nails to attach the fence boards can lead to splitting. Blunt nails slightly reduce the chance of wood splitting; however, screws remain the best type of fastener for wooden fence boards. No matter which type of fastener you use, drill a hole before inserting them for the best results. 

Contact Your Local Fencing Experts at Blue Line Fence LLC

Are you not sure if a wooden fence is right for your Tyler property? Turn to Blue Line Fence LLC to learn all about the options they offer. In addition to telling you how to keep horizontal fence boards from warping, their specialists can help you find the best wood fence for your style and budget. 

Reach out to Blue Line Fence LLC today to receive a quote for fence installation in Tyler, Texas.

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