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How to Make a Wood Fence Stronger on Your Tyler Property

Wooden fencing adds curb appeal and privacy to your home or commercial property in Tyler, TX. While classic wood fences are a great addition to any property, you may be wondering how to make a wood fence stronger and protect you from intruders. Tyler's premium wood fence installers at Blue Line Fence provide tips that will make your fence more secure against trespassers. 

Plant Shrubs With Thorns

One of the best ways to keep intruders away from your fence is to plant thorny plants around the perimeter. This not only boosts your property's security but also adds visual appeal. Popular plants and shrubs that feature thorns include:

  • Rose bushes
  • Flowering quince
  • Tiger trap shrubs
  • Eastern prickly pear or other cacti

Apply Anti-Climbing Paint

You can apply a special paint at the top of your wooden fence that remains slippery even after it dries. Anyone who tries to climb over the fence won't be able to grip the section with anti-climbing paint, which keeps your property safe from trespassers. 

This paint can rub off on anyone who touches it, so only apply it to the top portion of your fence and add signage that warns others it's there.  

Add Height

A common solution for anyone wondering how to make a wood fence stronger is to build it high enough. Potential intruders will have less difficulty climbing over shorter fences, so making your fence as tall as possible improves security. The city of Tyler has restrictions on the maximum fence height for certain properties, so check with local officials to determine how tall your fence can be. 

Build a Fence With the Rough Side Facing Inward

Many prefer to keep their fence posts and brackets facing the inside of their yard for aesthetic purposes, but this also keeps the fence more secure. Installing a fence with these features, also known as the rough side, facing inward makes the fence more difficult to climb and therefore prevents intruders from entering your property.

Reinforce Your Fence Rails and Preserve the Wood

You can take several measures to boost your property's security but don't forget to perform regular maintenance to keep the fence's structure strong. Depending on the type of wood your fence uses, you can treat it with approved chemical preservatives that protect the materials from rot, mold, and decay. Applying the right preservatives will keep your wood fence looking great and standing strong. 

Be sure to reinforce the rails with deck screws to hold them securely in place. You can also add a wooden board along the bottom of the fence to make the structure more sturdy and block intruders from entering your property through the bottom portion of your fence. 

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Whether you're looking to build a fence, want resources for how to make a wood fence stronger, or need help removing mold from your wood fence, Blue Line Fence can help. These experts are your go-to resource for all things fencing in Tyler, TX. Contact Blue Line Fence today to schedule a service appointment. 

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