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Is Building a Fence on a Corner Lot in Tyler, TX, a Good Idea? 

Corner lots come with their fair share of pros and cons. For the most part, homeowners and buyers in Tyler, Texas, love corner lots for some unique advantages. For example, most corner lots feature larger yards, increased privacy, less noise from shared walls, and the potential for more parking, among other perks.

Since you may have to bear with increased road noise and the potential for people cutting across your property, is building a fence on a corner lot a good idea? Here, the go-to fence company in Tyler, TX, Blue Line Fence, unpacks building a boundary fence on a corner lot and how to do it right.

Building a Fence on a Corner Lot in Tyler Needs The Right Type and Service Provider

The placement of corner lots often exposes them more to the public eye. While some owners of corner lots make do with a landscaping scheme or lawn rather than a fence, most Tyler residents prefer something more solid.

Constructing a fence for your corner lot can provide added security and privacy, but the type of fence and who installs it makes a difference.

The Best Types of Privacy Fencing for Your Tyler, TX, Corner Lot

Firstly, your choice of fencing material matters. The right fence simultaneously allows you privacy, maintains the line of sight, and elevates the property’s aesthetics. Of course, as a Tyler homeowner, you have plenty of material from which to choose, including the following:


A hedge can make the ideal corner lot fence, but only if you have the patience to wait for it to mature and maintain it. 

Some hedges take a decade or more to reach full maturity. So, prepare to invest time and effort into hedge fencing, especially to prevent it from growing out of control around the corners.


Wooden fences work well as aesthetically pleasing architectural and functional elements. Many Tyler residents love wood fences because of their versatility—you have nearly infinite ways to put together the posts, rails, and slats of a typical wooden fence.

When building a fence on a corner lot, wood easily handles design complications, like one side of the corner fence being higher than the other, as you can just cut posts lower to keep the fence the same height all around. However, wooden fences need regular maintenance to maintain their looks and structural integrity. You may have to hammer back nails, replace posts, and seal, paint, or stain the slats.


Tyler residents typically use vinyl as a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to a wooden fence. The best vinyl fences look as attractive as their wooden counterparts. However, unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t rot, so you don’t have to worry about fence post damage below ground.  

Still, vinyl’s brittleness makes it susceptible to damage by impact and cold weather. Vinyl fences are also prone to stubborn stains that may prove challenging to remove.  

Steel With Infill  

These fences feature steel rails and picket fences with wooden or composite boards between the pickets. The boards effectively turn a classic steel fence into a privacy fence. So, today’s high-quality steel fences boast great protective coatings that are ideal for fencing wet areas.

Overall, steel or a combination of steel and wood makes a robust fencing option for a corner lot. This low-maintenance fencing option lends a classic look while adding a sense of solidity to the property’s boundary. The fact that you can choose to add boards or leave them out allows for excellent flexibility, too.

The Best Professional for Your Corner Lot Fence Installation in Tyler, TX  

When planning to install your corner lot boundary fencing, doing the job yourself may not save as much as you’re hoping. DIY fence installations often end up costing more than hiring a fencing expert for your corner property fencing construction. 

Expert workmanship comes with short and long-term benefits, including invaluable advice that will help you avoid costly mistakes. A fence expert will also ensure that you:

  • Get quality installation
  • Avoid legal problems
  • Save on fence installation and repair costs

Blue Line Fence: The Best Option for Your Fencing Needs in Tyler, TX  

Do you need help erecting a fence on your corner property? Don’t trust just anyone. Why not look into Blue Line Fence’s fencing solutions in Tyler for a dedicated fence service provider option?

How long does it take to install a fence? How much does building a fence on a corner lot cost? Find out more from Blue Line Fence—call to schedule your free estimate on top-tier fencing services in Tyler, TX.

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