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The Best Ways to Clean an Aluminum Fence in Tyler, TX

Aluminum fences are popular thanks to their durability and attractive appearance. Regular maintenance also helps them resist corrosion, but what is the best way to clean an aluminum fence?

Fortunately, aluminum fences are pretty easy to clean. All you need is water, a gentle cleanser, a soft cloth, and a bit of time.

Blue Line Fence offers aluminum fence installation in Tyler, TX, and shares these tips to easily maintain your aluminum fence.

Hose Off the Fence

This first tactic is the quickest and easiest. All you need is a hose and a few towels to help you dry off the fence.

Spray the fence from top to bottom to remove dirty streaks. High water pressure is helpful, but stay away from power washers to avoid potential damage. 

If you have time, use towels to dry off the fence to prevent spots and streaks.

Wipe the Fence with a Damp Cloth

To clean off most stains and grime, you can use a damp cloth. Never use steel wool — the abrasive surface can scratch your fence.

Begin by dipping a washcloth in clean water and wringing out the excess. Now you just need to wipe down each part of the fence. This might take a while (especially if you have a large fence), but the results speak for themselves.

This tactic is handy for removing substances such as:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Dead insects
  • Bird droppings
  • Grass clippings 
  • Cobwebs

All of these are common in Tyler, TX. Fortunately, a damp cloth can remove most types of debris with little effort.

Apply a Gentle Cleaner

If you're dealing with stubborn stains that plain water can't remove, try using a gentle cleaner to soften the buildup.

Dish soap is a common choice, but you can also use vinegar or a degreaser like Simple Green. Use calcium, lime, and rust cleaner to treat hard water stains.

Soft sponges and cloths are the best way to clean an aluminum fence, but a stiff scrub brush works well against tough residue.

Hose off the fence once you're done cleaning.

Never use bleach, solvents, or acid when cleaning your aluminum fence. These cleaning products can damage the aluminum.

Add a Protective Wax

Finally, you can add extra protection to your fence if you apply a layer of automotive wax.

Wax prevents oxidation and corrosion and makes the fence look great too! With proper maintenance, your fence will last for many years.

Call Blue Line Fence to Learn More About Aluminum Fence Maintenance in Tyler, TX

The best way to clean an aluminum fence is the way that works best for you! You can do something as simple as hosing it off or something as complex as wiping and waxing each part of the fence.

Either way, a well-maintained aluminum fence adds value to a home. Blue Line Fence will set you up with a fantastic fence in Tyler, TX. Schedule a free estimate and get an instant quote today.

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