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What Is Chain-Link Fence Made Of: Tyler Homeowners’ Guide

Chain-link fences are cost-efficient solutions for homeowners who want a flexible and long-lasting property line. However, many ask, “What is chain-link fence made of?” Blue Line Fence contractors who install chain-link fencing in Tyler, TX, answer this question.

What Is Chain-Link Fencing?

Chain-link fences consist of woven steel — typically galvanized or vinyl-coated — that can last 20 years or more with the proper upkeep. Its flexible material allows it to resist conventional weathering without deterioration, including:

  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Humidity

Commercial chain-link fences entered production around the mid-1800s and have remained a popular choice for home and business owners in Tyler, TX.

Chain-link fences are also popular features in sporting events, like stock car racing and baseball — praised for their ability to catch high-speed objects without splitting.

Chain-Link Fence Materials

Steel or aluminum wiring makes up the majority of a chain-link fence. During production, manufacturers typically apply anti-corrosive treatments or protective coatings to increase the fence’s life expectancy. 

Iron, steel, and aluminum fence posts hold the wiring together to prevent sagging across the property line. Unlike solid fences, contractors in Tyler can transport hundreds of square feet of chain-link fence easily. These materials are compact and can fold into tight rolls on the backs of trucks.

Chain-ink fences are typically available in nine to eleven-and-a-half metal gauges. 

Reinforcements for Chain-Link Fences

The interwoven design of chain-link fences makes them naturally self-reinforcing. However, you can upgrade a chain-link fence with other materials to increase longevity, privacy, and weather resistance. The answer to the question, “What is chain-link fence made of” could vary depending on these solutions.

For instance, you can replace iron fence posts with a more eco-friendly alternative, like timber. Concrete posts also provide better support, which could prevent the fence from sinking during the rainy season in Tyler. 

You can interlock wooden or PVC slats between metal links to keep the entire fence taught. This solution may also obstruct prying eyes from seeing into your property.

For maximum privacy, consider securing vinyl, bamboo screens, or wood planks across every linear foot of your chain-link fence.

Blue Line Fence Provides Durable Chain-Link in Tyler, TX 

A chain-link fence is one of the most practical fencing solutions for homeowners in Tyler. If you are ready to upgrade your property line with a chain-link fence, hire expert contractors for the best results.

At Blue Line Fence, experienced contractors can help you choose a suitable chain-link design for your budget and property. These professionals work closely with reputable distributors, so you get best-in-class products 100% of the time.

These fencing contractors will explain how decorating a chain-link fence could improve your home’s curb appeal and value when you hire them today.

Do you still wonder, “What is chain-link fence made of?” Contact Blue Line Fence in Tyler, TX, for more information.

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