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What To Consider When Getting a New Fence in Tyler, TX

Upgrading your property with a new fence is an excellent way to improve your home’s exterior appearance while enhancing your security and privacy. However, building residential fencing requires a bit of planning to ensure the best results. That’s why Blue Line Fence put together a few things to consider before getting a new fence in Tyler, Texas.

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Three Things To Consider When Building a Fence in Tyler, Texas

Building a fence isn’t as easy as putting up a few posts and panels. It requires you to assess various aspects of your property while ensuring you stay within local regulations. Below are a few things to consider before getting a new fence in Tyler, Texas.

1. Neighborhood Rules

Many Tyler neighborhoods have Homeowner’s Associations and covenants that enforce strict guidelines on fence construction. These guidelines often affect the fence’s height, materials, and even appearance. Always review your neighborhood's rules and regulations to ensure your new fencing matches the criteria.

2. Your Property Line

Understanding your property lines is essential when constructing a new fence. Building a fence without reviewing your boundary lines could cause it to encroach on your neighbor’s property. 

Most homeowners can find their property line on their mortgage papers or deeds or by visiting the city’s courthouse. You may be able to find your property line online, but it's best to locate it on professional paperwork since it’s more accurate.

3. Fencing Materials

Homeowners have several fencing materials to choose from, each offering its own unique advantages. However, some materials cost much more than others and can drastically increase the project’s price. For example, a chain link fence can cost half as much as a wrought iron fence in some cases. 

Evaluating your material options before installing your fence will make it easier to budget for the project. Below are some common fencing materials in Tyler and their average prices:

  • Chain link: $6 to $8
  • Wood: $9 to $15
  • Vinyl: $20
  • Wrought Iron: $20 to $30

If you need help building a fence on your Tyler, Texas, property, contact the experts at Blue Line Fence. Its team will install gorgeous residential fencing on your property at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Getting a new fence in Tyler, Texas, has never been easier, thanks to Blue Line Fence. Its fencing specialists will bring your dream fence to life using the best tools and materials in the industry today. Whether you need professional fence installation or want tips for choosing a fence contractor, Blue Line Fence is here to help.

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